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MedAI Seminars on Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence

In Spring we yearly organise our local seminar to promote the study and research of Medical AI between young researchers and students. The purpose of MedAI seminars is to provide a place for relaxed and friendly discussion on all aspects of Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence. This meeting provides attendees with an opportunity to learn more on the progress of junior and senior researchers of the Medical Artificial Ingelligence Lab of the University of Murcia

Participants and talks
  • Francisco Mora (Undergraduate Stud, jr researcher): ‘Credibility Measures for Subgroup Discovery in Clinical Domains’
  • Denisse Kim (PhD candidate): ‘Hospital Support for Infection Outbreaks Through the Generation and Visualization of Spatial-temporal Data’
  • Alvaro Riquelme (Undergraduate Stud, jr researcher): ‘Comprehensive Review of Technologies for Subgroup Discovery’
  • Antonio Guillen (Undergraduate Stud): ‘Topological Data Analysis and Clustering’
  • Antonio Lopez Martinez-Carrasco (PhD candidate): ‘Novel Approach for Phenotyping Based on Diverse Top-k Subgroup Lists’