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Artificial Intelligence

Development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Oxford English Dictionary

Med AI Lab People

Multidisciplinary team of researchers on AI and Medial Informatics and healthcare professionals.

Medical Informatics

Computer-based methods to improve the management of patient data, clinical knowledge, population data, and other information relevant to patient care and community health.

Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


The MedAI Lab,

founded by Dr. Manuel Campos and Dr. Jose M. Juarez in 2022, design and implements Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence technology aimed at supporting decision-based medical tasks through knowledge and data-intensive computer-based solutions.

Our research creates new avenues to help healthcare professionals in daily activity and critical decisions, fusing Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence technologies (aka Medical AI).

Medical Informatics + Artificial Intelligence = Medical AI

Our final goal is to improve healthcare and professional performance using technology