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Current Research

Clinical Decision Support Systems
ProjectSitsusCategoryAntimicrobialsDetailsWe design systems for data-driven clinical decision support with the ability to provide interpretable explanations for the consolidation of decisions in clinical practice and the generation of new knowledge for the surveillance of multiresistant infectionsDate2019-2022More infoRead more
Machine Learning based Phenotyping
ProjectImpact Td2CategoryPrecision medicineDetailsWe focus on the stratification of patients using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques and the development of multi-criteria algorithms for Diabetes Type 2 therapeutic recommendations...Date2022-2025More infoRead more
Trust in Artificial Intelligence
ProjectConfainceCategoryBacterial infectionsDetailsWe study the best interplay mechanisms for epidemiological AI-based simulations and graph-based spatial-temporal representations. We investigate the personalised communication and visualization of spatial-temporal outbreak representations adapted to each user profile....Date2022-2024More infoRead more